Rent a Thule Roofbox

Thule Roof Box Rentals

Take your extra gear on holiday with a Thule roofbox for only R170 per day (for 10 days plus), or R190 per day.

For years we’ve been helping holiday makers travel more comfortably, and safely, with their extra luggage. Roofboxes are available for rental from one of our three Thule fitment centres, located in Woodmead, Randpark Ridge as well as Lynnwwod Pretoria.

You'll need Thule Roof Racks

A roofbox has an easy to use system that clamps onto Thule load bars. A Thule roofrack system is a necessary component for carrying a roof box. Because Thule roof racks are designed and manufactured specifically for each vehicle, we do not rent roof racks with the roofbox - but purchasing a set of multi-purpose Thule roof racks is purchase you won’t regret. Carry any of those items that are just too long or bulky to jam into your vehicle, on top! And of course, you’ll be able to rent a roof box again and again.

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* We do not rent roof racks as they are vehicle specific. A set of load bars or roof racks, which sit across the top of your vehicle, set at 750 mm apart, are required to mount a roof box. If you have specified that you do not have roof racks, we will provide you with an additional quote for these. There is not fitment fee for mounting these to your vehicle.