Thule WingBar Edge 959x (S-L)

A complete and pre-assembled roof rack to fit your car. With the all-in-one racks you can be quickly on your way.


    Thule WingBar Edge 959x (S-L)Thule WingBar Edge 959x (S-L)
    Thule WingBar Edge 959x (S-L)

    • Available products:
      Thule WingBar Edge 9591 (S, 81.6cm)
      Thule WingBar Edge 9594 (S/M, 81.6, 89.6cm)
      Thule WingBar Edge 9592 (M, 89.6cm)
      Thule WingBar Edge 9595 (M/L, 89.6, 97.6cm)
      Thule WingBar Edge 9593 (L, 97.6cm)

    The most safe & silent, now in low fit

    Product Variations


    • Low profile and close fit to the roof creates a stunning look.
    • Smoothly arched for a slim fit.
    • Universal fit by the use of telescopic feet (50 mm/side).
    • Pre-assembled and complete packed for easy handling.
    • Using airplane technology to minimize sound and fuel consumption.
    • WindDiffuser™ diverts the air currents.
    • Trail Edge™ for reduced air resistance.
    • Double molded plastic caps for best appearance and easy fitting.
    • A kit-based roof rack system. Use the Thule FitGuide to find out which roof rack fits your car.
    • City Crash approved for 75 kg according to ISO Norm.
    • Use the Thule Fit Guide to find out which roof rack fits your car.

    Technical specifications

    Equipped with T-track
    Maximum load 75 kg
    One Key System compatible
    Fulfils City Crash norm
    TÜV Approved
    Miscellaneous Use existing Thule Rapid 753 kit System for perfect fit (2-pack).